I know I know. The Passion of the Weiss is fast turning into Def Jam’s How Can We Promote the Big Dough Rehab So That It Doesn’t Brick With 40,000 copies sold in its first week (a feeble strategy if there ever was). Sorry. Truth is I couldn’t resist posting this, especially considering I was actually at this show at the HOB LA. Plus, if you’re reading this blog, I assume you also find few things more entertaining than a Ghostface rant. Besides, what else am I supposed to write about, how the new Cam’ron mixtape finds him trying to rap over every soft Mid-70s MOR rock staple he dug out of Hell Rell’s moms crib. Call me crazy, but I’ll pass on listening to 2-plus hours of Cam and Freekey Zeekey rhyming “chinchilla” with “Killa” and “gorilla” over the instrumental for “More Than a Feeling.”

MP3: Ghostface Killah-“In the Rain a.k.a. Wise”

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