November 29, 2007


T.I. tells me that big things are popping. And when T.I. tells me something I listen. Once he spoke rhapsodically about “the trap” and within 15 minutes, I had rat traps planted everywhere in my apartment.

This time, the big thing poppin’ is the news that I will now be blogging for the LA Weekly’s blog Play. No, the Passion will not be going anywhere, but some of the blogs that I publish here will run concurrently on the Weekly website. I suppose it’s a sort of syndication thing, but I’d prefer not to use the term “syndication” since it reminds me of Larry King. And things that remind you of Larry King are inherently bad (except for corned beef.).

So check out Play if you’re into that sort of music bloggy thing. Hopefully, it will be more entertaining than the Moby album of the same name. And it’s definitely better than T.I. Vs. TIP.

MP3: T.I.-“Big Things Poppin'”

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