Blogger/musician/jai alai champion/renaissance man, Douglas “Fresh Cherries From Yakima” Martin asked me to contribute a post to his on-going December List-Season Entries. The topic: 10 Things I Hate About Fresh Cherries From Yakima. It includes a discussion of Jordan Knight, the City of Yakima and Boy Bands in general. I can’t promise that it’s good, but I can promise that it’s at least as good as 10 Things I Hate About You.

10 Things I Hate About Fresh Cherries From Yakima

How About We Start With 10 Things I Hate About This Poster


I probably should’ve mentioned ex-Stylus staffer, Andrew Unterberger’s Blog, Intensities in Ten Suburbs, a year ago, but for some reason I never have. It’s pretty much a must-read if you’re at all into pop culture. Or the culture of pop. Or pop secret.

Skeet On Mischa has made the switch to Tumblr and is pretty much blogging all day long which is the way it should be. Now if I can only figure out how to leave comments on a Tumblr blog I’d be set.

This is kind old, but necessary reading as the Good Doctor Zeus explains to people that yes, Virginia, Mixtapes are not actually real albums.

Wish Matt Ear Farm a happy birthday and download songs from artists born on Dec. 3rd, including Nino Rota, Ozzy Osbourne, and Nelson Muntz favorite, Andy Williams.

Nerd Litter sees Menomena, admits that he has SARS.

Dart Adams reviews pretty much every hip-hop album of the last month in this one post.

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