January 21, 2008


Granted, there’s something undeniably unctuous about watching hipsters dance to hip-hop. And yes, there were least four moments during the opening acts on Saturday night when you could hear me yelling loudly to anyone who would listen that “white people killed hip-hop.” (Let’s just say there should be some sort of taxing entrance exam to be a white rapper.) But you can’t really blame artists for their fan base, except possibly Tool.

As for the The Cool Kids, the way in which they slap new packaging on old ideas may lack originality, but they put on a fun live set, one that reminded me how much I missed the old two MC’s and one DJ arrangement that used to be standard, but seems almost novelty these days (shouts also to Clean Guns). Lyrically, these guys are just okay, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt considering Mikey Rocks is just 19 years and figures to improve with age. Plus, in their 808 minimalism some of their beats are pretty great. My review’s up right now at the LA Times, so check it out if you’re into that sort of thing.

LA Times: Cool Kids Review


MP3: The Cool Kids-“I (Mikey) Rock”
MP3: The Cool Kids-“Black Mags”

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