William Howard Taft. Our 27th President. Our 10th Chief Justice. A Possible Walrus. And the man behind arguably the greatest campaign theme song in history: “Get On A Raft With Taft.”  Some say that you can tell a lot about a candidate based on their choice of campaign song, and maybe in some respects that’s true. But even if it isn’t, it was certainly fun to mock the theme songs of this year’s presidential candidates. I mean Celine Dion? Jesus Jones? And that was just Hillary Clinton alone (I take it Fleetwood Mac was Bill’s pick?) Anyhow, find out who’s rolling with Taft and who’s bound for the level of ignominy forever allotted to Herbert “If He’s Good Enough For Lindy” Hoover.

LA Weekly: Discovering the Candidates Through Their Playlists

MP3: Curtis Mayfield-“Move On Up”
MP3: The Clash-“Rudie Can’t Fail” (Though I guess he did)

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