Needless to say, if you don’t like “Motownphilly,” we probably can’t be friends. Granted, Boyz II Men may have not have been relevant for a decade and change, but I’ll stand by the statement that no group got more Junior High kids tongue during the years 1991-1994 than the Illadelphian vocal quartet.   Real talk. Currently, the group are back on the touring circuit minus Michael McCary (a.k.a., the guy with the really deep voice that sang the interludes) and play LA’s Crash Mansion tomorrow night. Sadly, I won’t be there for it. However, I did write a preview of the show for the LA Weekly, one that analyzes the history of the male vocal group post Cooleyhighharmony. Yes, it mentions Silk, H-Town, Jodeci and Color Me Badd. If that doesn’t entice you over there, I don’t know what will.

LA Weekly: Boyz II Men-A Philadelphia Story

MP3: Boyz II Men-“Motownphilly”

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