I’m back from Puerto Vallarta where I was forced to suffer the half-horrific, half-hysterical spectacle of watching a bunch of oversized American frat boy wiggers (sideways caps, “La Coka Nostra” t-shirts) alternately perform the Soulja Boy dance and make “swish” motions while listening to “We Fly High.” Not even touching the various other sundry feats of douchebaggery that they performed on the scantily clad women that abounded. I’m pretty sure I saw things that have been outlawed in several ultra-conservative Midwestern counties. Needless to say, the weekend left me vaguely convinced of the impending downfall of the American empire yet after coming home and watching the video from English rap group, Red Hot Entertainment, I am pleased to announce that we’re all going to Hell. Whether, we’ll go in in a hand basket or not, I remain unsure. To be honest, I’m more of a backpack guy. Regularly scheduled programming will resume tomorrow. In the meantime, ladies and gentleman,  it’s “Junior Spesh.” Because Britain obviously needed its own, “Fry that Chicken.”

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