Don’t get me wrong, Pusha T and Malice are very good rappers. And I certainly don’t blame them for not wanting to be lumped into “your coke-rap genre.” Truth be told, they can rap rings around the likes of Young Jeezy and Rick Ross (though be fair, both of those heavyset clowns rap about as well as they run. Too bad Rae already named an album Immobilarity). But really, the blogosphere fellation of the Clipse that has occurred over the last two years is downright embarrassing. These guys write the same song over and over. Hell Hath No Fury and We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3 are the Blue Steel and Le Tigre of rap records. It’s the same look. They might be good rappers but they’re very poor artists. To quote Jacobim Mugatu: I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. The full review is in the LA Weekly. Follow the link below. It’s in the computer.

LA Weekly: We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3 Review (Scroll Down)

ZIP: The Clipse-“We Got it 4 Cheap Vol. 3 Mixtape (Left-Click)

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