This article may only have regional appeal, as Felli Fel’s celebrity is certainly strongest in LA, where he has held it down as Power 106’s version of Funkmaster Flex for the past nine years. Granted, “Get Buck In Here,” the break-out first single from Fel’s forthcoming Go DJ EP is a far cry from the best moments on those first three Funk Flex mixtapes, yet it succeeds in its modest ambitions. The track’s sole intent is to sound good played at ear-splitting levels in a club. And it does. Maybe, it’s just the Luda verse, but I’ll take “Get Buck” over “Low” or “Buy You a Drink” any day of the week. Honestly, the only thing I want to drink when I hear a T-Pain song is hemlock. Mmm…hemlock.

LA Weekly-Felli Fel Feature

Download (From Felli Fel‘s Go DJ)

MP3: Felli Fel ft. Diddy, Ludacris, Akon & Lil Jon-“Get Buck in Here”
MP3: Felli Fel ft. Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Fabulous, & JD-“The Finer Things”

(From Funkmaster Flex’s Mixtape Vol. 3)

MP3: Wu-Tang Clan-“Put Your Hammer Down”
MP3: A Tribe Called Quest & Slum Village-“That Shit”

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