Along with the lovely ladies of Hell Ya!, I’m co-promoting what might be the best rap show since Vanilla Ice rocked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II with his seminal “Ninja Rap.” Featuring The Knux, a new LA by way of New Orleans group who recently inked a deal with Interscope, and Internet famous Illadelphian duo Clean Guns, I can assure you that if you like rap music there is a high probability that you will enjoy this show. And if you don’t, I promise I will smoke you out in the Echo parking lot afterwards. Everyone wins. So next Wednesday, The Echo, show starts at 8 p.m. Be there or be a quadrilateral. Ninja attire preferred but not required.

MP3: The Knux-“Cappucino”
MP3: Clean Guns-“Crooklyn Dodgers Freestyle” (From the Yadibox Mixtape Which You Can And Should Cop Here)

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