I’m pressed for time today, what with running around Los Angeles trying to show Clean Guns the ins and outs of this warped, weird town. And yes, this includes trips to In-N-Out. So I apologize for it being a light week of posting. But in order to appease your blood-lust for new, good music, I’m upping some not-so-new, but still incredible tracks. Specifically, two cuts from Now-Again Records’ spectacular Carolina Funk record.

According to the press release, the album “looks at the vibrant and original scene in the two rural states of North and South Carolina. Curated largely by resident North Carolina researcher and collector Jason Perlmutter, Carolina Funk presents 22 of the best, rarest and most sought-after heavy funk songs ever recorded, with breakbeats to spare. Without any large urban centers, much of the musical output of the Carolinas has been limited to single towns, with bands and their records seldom venturing further than the state line. From inspired percussive instrumentals to heartfelt slabs of soul; from rediscovered tapes in the garages of retired musicians to funk 45s so raw that they were blessed by James Brown himself.” Did you hear that? Heartfelt slabs of soul? Sounds delicious. Or not.

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MP3: Frankie & The Damons-“Bad Woman”
MP3: Paul Burton-“So Very Hard To Make It (Without You)

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