There is no Passion anymore. The hipsters have won. I have grown a mustache, developed a new-found appreciation for Man Man and refuse to swaddle myself in anything but the finest fabrics made with real American (or at least Mexican-American) labor in Downtown Los Angeles. The Revolution is over. Feed me headbands or feed me organic vegan corn dogs and Kombucha tea. I’m a beast.

Really, so, uh, yeah, the big ad next to this post, sorry. I know it’s a bit obtrusive, but since I’ve been blogging for free for two and a half years, I feel that it’s okay to have an ad or two because like the other Wayne: “I refuse to bow to any corporate sponsors.” Of course, I say this while eating a bag of Doritos and drinking Pepsi, the choice of the new generation.

MP3: Scarface-“Sell Out”
MP3: Jay-Z ft. Big Boi, Killa Mike & Twista-“Poppin’ Tags”

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