At any given time, there are approximately seven tapes in my father’s car. They are as follows: Billy Joel’s, Stormfront, Bob Marley’s Legend, and greatest hits collections from Inner Circle, The Pointer Sisters, Taylor Dayne and ZZ Top. The final tape is a compilation of Israeli gypsy pop that he brought home from Israel when I was about 17. It is quite possibly the worst album ever made. It kind of sounds like a recording of the lead singer of Gogol Gordello yelling epithets at a group of feral cats, while trying to attack them with a guitar and a sack of hearty Ukrainian potatoes. On several different occasions, my dad tried to force my sister and I to listen to the Israeli music. That was the closest either of us ever came to requesting legal emancipation.

Thanks to Passion of the Weiss funk consigliere, The Aquarium Drunkard,  I’ve spent a significant portion of my week listening to Soul Messages From Dimona, a collection of gospel/funk/soul songs that have managed to erase all negative connotations that I may have had of Israeli music. Granted, the musicians who made it were Black Hebrew musicians from Detroit who moved to Dimona, Israel from 1975-1981, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere. Besides, this is great stuff, therein confirming my long-time suspicions that if black people and Jews came together like the shaolin and the Wu-Tang, we’d be dangerous. Or at least as good as Jordan Farmar.

Pre-Order Soul Messages From Dimona 

See the Aquarium Drunkard’s Post for More Soul Messages MP3’s

MP3: Soul Messengers-“Savior in the East”
MP3: Soul Messengers-“Go to Proclaim”

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