August 8, 2008


It’s early in the morning, I’m catatonically exhausted, several beers deep and certainly in no state to express anything remotely resembling coherence. Bear with me.

So I wrote this big hip-hop genealogy thing for Rock the Bells, a sort-of primer guide to the acts and their chief influences. Along with it, I penned a hip-hop state of affairs essay. Lamentably, I had to compress in 800 words what needed 2,000, so go easy on me if it’s not as thorough as it should be (NO PRODIGY). I’ll also have a review of the show come Monday, so stay tuned to see whether Rock the Bells will top Saved the Bell and whether Spank Rock will perform dressed like A.C. Slater.

Good night, preppies.

LA Weekly: Rock the Bells Preview and Essay

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