August 10, 2008


I really can’t say enough good things about Rock the Bells. The line-up was great, the accommodations generous and comfortable, the crowd knowledgeable and passionate. Plus, everyone involved gets extra-props for ensuring that no one gave the Black Eyed Peas any love during their “Hey, Don’t You Guys Remember That We Weren’t Always the Worst Rap Group on the Planet” nostalgia trip, made extra-ironic by the Peas performing their Behind the Front material, i.e. songs devoted to the notion that they would “never sell out” and always “keep it real.”

As I discuss in the Times article, Pharcyde, Tribe and Rae and Ghost were easily the day’s sonic highlights. However, Rock the Bells 2008 will be forever ingrained in my memory for the site of David “Bud Bundy” Faustino, owning the VIP room, rocking a fedora and a Dipset shirt. See photo here. Sadly, the 100 degree heat left me near heat-stroke, which meant that I stayed away from alcohol and thus was in no condition to inquire whether he would be willing to rap the first 16 bars of “Reppin’ Time,” for me. Perhaps next year. In the meantime, I suppose it’s just Byrd gang 4 life.

LA Times: Rock the Bells Review

MP3: A Tribe Called Quest-“Same Ol’ Thing”
MP3: Pharcyde-“Pork”
MP3: Ghostface ft. Raekwon & Fat Joe-“Clientele”

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