August 11, 2008

Before I heard “Dirty Harry” during the Pharcyde’s set at Rock the Bells, I don’t even think I realized that Bootie Brown was the one supplying the guest raps. I’ve always considered The Gorillaz more of a singles band than anything and this is one of their best. Not sure what the status of a Pharcyde reunion album is at this point but after watching them absolutely kill it on Saturday, there’s definitely a part of me hoping they give it another shot, lest the group’s most prominent rapping turns not be relegated to cartoon rock bands.
While I’m in the habit of posting Gorillaz material,  I may as well throw in “Bill Murray,” a dub-infused track from the band’s Feel Good Inc., a Japan-only EP. Sure, it’s not as good as Ghostbusters, but then again what is?

MP3: Gorillaz ft. Bootie Brown-“Dirty Harry”
MP3: Gorillaz-“Bill Murray”

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