November 5, 2008

Apologize for the NOT-ANOTHER-POLITICAL post (insert groan here). But it probably couldn’t hurt to re-watch this speech again. Regularly scheduled programming should resume tomorrow. In the meantime, to once-again cite Larry David, yesterday was “pretty, pretty good.” In fact, even such an inveterate hater such as myself had only one real qualm (two, if you count Cali’s passing of Prop 8).

However, how in a righteous world can it be deemed acceptable for CNN to conduct an interview about politics with a hologram of Was Fergie unavailable? And where were Apple De Apple and Taboo in all this? Also, does this mean there is going to be a Black Eyed Peas, Captain Eeo-esque show at Disneyland? I sincerely hope not.

Lastly, was I the only one who mistook Kim Stratton, the woman who sang the National Anthem prior to Obama’s speech, for Queen Latifah? And if so, was anyone else secretly hoping she would sing, “U.N.I.T.Y?” If so, your wish is my command.

MP3: My Morning Jacket-“Celebration (Kool & The Gang Cover)”
MP3: Cameo-“Word Up”
MP3: Fela Kuti-“2000 Blacks to be Free” (Left-Click)

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