November 23, 2008


Somehow, this instant 5’9 classic slipped under the tortuous tentacles of the Internet. Off Bar Exam 2 and originally titled “Jockin’ My Fresh;” re-released under the cobbled-together comp called The Album under the name “Bad Guy.” Either way, Royce incinerates the Green Lantern beat for maybe his finest work since “Boom” (really). Between this and “Esco (Let’s Go),” it’s also probably time to acknowledge that Lantern has quietly become one of hip-hop’s best producers. You’d think he could give Marshall a tip or two.

Edit: DJ Kahlil produced “Esco (Let’s Go).” Thanks to Knobbz from Metal Lungies for the heads-up. Perhaps I should get myself checked out for dyslexia, as I obviously can’t read my iTunes. Green Lantern remains pretty good behind the boards.

MP3: Royce Da 5’9-“Bad Guy”

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