February 3, 2009

’05 was a frustrating time to be tethered to the Internet, watching bloggers bombastically anoint Dipset with an array of breathless adjectives that not once failed to include the noun, “surrealist.” All this despite not being able to name three actual surrealist antecedents.

While the hype was overblown–Purple Haze was good but not that  much better than Come Home With Me–it’s impossible to deny that Cam isn’t a boon to the rap world. “Curtis” was great and had he not made that pathetic You Tube clip filmed at a $75 a night motel in Tampa, more people would’ve probably declared Cam the winner in the 50 beef. Even if “I Hate My Job,” reeks of cynical calculation to capitalize on the recession, it’s surprisingly coherent. Plus, there’s something inherently funny about Cam’ron in a cubicle. Let’s hope that when his potential boss Googled him, he found this.  

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