February 24, 2009

Re-enacting vintage Yo MTV Raps! on a Tuesday afternoon, with “That’s When Ya’ Lost It” and “93 Til Infinity” back-to-back. In hindsight, there was really nothing occluding Hiero from developing into a West Coast Wu-Tang, rather than the upper middle class man’s Boot Camp Click. Certainly three-time all-stars (93 Til Infinity, Fear Itself, 3rd Eye Vision), but just short of the Hall. The Del-produced, “That’s When Ya’ Lost It,” should have been a propitious harbinger, not a high-water mark.

Still, “Tour Stories” and the rumors of Prince Paul producing Montezema’s Revenge, have me optimistic it won’t be shit–or at least as good as the Knott’s Berry Farm ride.

MP3: Souls of Mischief-“That’s When Ya Lost It”
MP3: Souls of Mischief-“Cab Fare”
MP3: Souls of Mischief-“Tour Stories”

Video: Souls of Mischief-“’93 Till Infinity”

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