April 10, 2009

We’ve already discussed Kode9, so I’ll spare the windy intro. An interview with the Hyperdub baron is up at Pop and Hiss. A few extra answers are below the jump. His show tonight with Flying Lotus might be my most anticipated of the year thus far. Between Black Moth Super Rainbow and Flying Lotus, I fully anticipate the Golden Cricket Trapeze All-Stars to be my next favorite group. Of course, this would violate the rule that any band with “All-Star,” in its name is invariably bad, but I’m willing to make an exception.

LA Times: Cracking the Kode: Kode9 on the future of dubstep, Hyperdub, Flying Lotus and new Burial 

MP3: Flying Lotus Vs. Kode9–“Live on Rinsefm Nov. 20, 2007” (Left-Click)

MP3: Kode9-“Babylon”

In addition to the garage, drum and bass, dub, and jungle influences in your music, there’s a pronounced hip-hop influence. Who are some of the hip-hop producers that have inspired you over the years. Have you ever considered making a hip-hop album along the lines of say, Techno Animal’s Brotherhood of the Bomb?

I’ve never really considered doing stuff at hip hop-speed. If I work with a vocalist I want to do it in my own way, at my own tempo, I suppose in a UK style.

To expand on the previous question, you cite Method Man and Rza among your most prominent influences, and you have a remix of a Dabrye and Doom song on your Myspace page. What is it about these artists in particular that you love (beyond the obvious fact that they’re Meth, Rza, and Doom.)

I love the droney, loose flow of both Meth and Doom. Rza has just got a way of making melancholy hooks really funky.

Is there a philosophical/sonic nexus that binds the artists you look to release on Hyperdug, or is it simply a matter of putting out whatever you think is exceptional?

I just put out what grabs me. Most of it tends to have a nice warm and heavy bass foundation, but not all of it. Im really just a bit erratic.

 “Black Sun” seemed to auger a shift away from what’s traditionally classified as dubstep. Was this your way of resisting reductive classifications as the definition of what constitutes “dubstep” continues to grow more vague?

“Black Sun” isnt a dubstep tune. Its 130bpm. I don’t think there is any dubstep at that speed. A portion of my sets is now at that speed, with some “uk funky” and broken beat type styles so I just made it mix with those other tracks. I still play dubstep, but it now tends to be just a part of my sets, instead of all of it. Depends on my mood really.

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