May 21, 2009


In an ideal world, the Maybach Music and Toyota Tercel rhymes of Rick Ross’ Deeper than Rap would’ve been exchanged with Crime Pays’, “Ross Dress for Less” Beats and Bergdorf Goodman raps. If you’re scratching your head at the clunkiness of the mixed metaphor, that’s the point–it’s Killa, the man calling out for a James Toback documentary, the man who brought you “no homo,” the man who brought you “He Tried to Play Me,” and its sequel, “Bottom of the Pussy Hole.”His albums are the auditory equivalent of The Phantom Tollboth (no Milo).

Let’s discard the Cam=Rene Magritte meme disseminated by the usual suspects. He’s a skilled if not ultimately minor rapper who thrives on excess. Sans Blaze, Kanye, Heatmakerz, and the rest of Dipset, Cam might as well rock faux mink, ersatz gators, and drive a Mitsubishi Eclipse.  This is Econo-Cam–bargain bin beats salvaged by surprisingly strong rhymes.  Apparently–like journalism–crime doesn’t pay enough.

 LA Times: Cam’ron-Crime Pays

MP3: Cam’ron-“My Job”
MP3: Cam’ron-“Get it in Ohio”

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