June 25, 2009


One of these days, I’ll do a lengthy sit-down interview with Spencer Krug and discover exactly why my favorite songwriter of the last decade is the exact antithesis of what I typically gravitate towards. Maybe it’s because we’re both Alex P. Keaton aficionados? I like the sometime Wolf Parader’s singing voice, but I’d be lying if he didn’t occasionally sound like a bleating billy goat. His songs are full of knotty art-rock pretensions and regularly boast patently absurd titles. If loving an album called Dragonslayer is wrong, then I want to be right.

Unfortunately, I will again reiterate that Spencer Krug is worthy of any and all attention he receives. If anything, the 8.3 BNM the Fork gave Sunset Rubdown’s new jaunt is probably a bit low for my tastes. Predictably, I rave about their recent Echoplex performance at Pop and Hiss.  If you need me, I’ll be listening to Ironman to wash the indie out my ears–yes, this shit is raw.

LA Times: Live–Sunset Rubdown @ The Echoplex

MP3’s below the Jump

Amazon: Sunset Rubdown-Dragonslayer

MP3: Sunset Rubdown-“Idiot Heart”

From Random Spirit Lover

MP3: Sunset Rubdown-“Winged/Wicked Things”
MP3: Sunset Rubdown-“Up On Your Leopard, Upon the End of Your Feral Days”

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