July 24, 2009


A quick one before I head to an undisclosed locale that involves absinthe appetizers, scantily clad women, and Cypress Hill.  I should probably watch Nosaj Thing and Daddy Kev crush the Roxy tonight, but I’m clearly striving to embody the spirit of the Los Angeles D-bag. Although, to paraphrase Jay, I could be a fedora away my whole career, as long as Spencer Pratt’s alive I’m merely second-tier.  Or something.

Senseless sarcasm aside, I spoke with Nosaj Thing about his chief influences: Dilla, Dre,  Radiohead, and Boards of Canada. If you’re interested, it’s over at the Times Pop and Hiss blog . Even if you’re not, as your faithful solicitor, I advise you to download the MP3’s below, off Jason Chung’s excellent Views/Octopus and Remixes EP’s.

MP3: Nosaj Thing-“Heart Entire”
MP3: Nosaj Thing-“I Get Money by 50 Cent (Lazer Sword Neon Hot Pockets Remix)

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