August 17, 2009


The inevitable but ostensibly overreaching contrast between The Smell and the Low End Theory comes into clearer focus when you hear the new Flying Lotus and No Age EP’s side by side. While earlier recordings displayed a heavy emphasis on their hip-hop and punk roots, their latest offerings drift towards more ambient soundscapes, as though Steven Ellison, Dean Spunt and Randy Randall spent the last three months smoking Golden Kush and listening to Discreet Music. While neither offering is going to make you put down your copy of Nouns or Los Angeles anytime soon, both offer glimpses into both their versatility and record collection.

It makes sense that three Valley kids steeped on sun and smog would intuitively understand how to distill that haze into a wobbling beauty. Either way, these guys are probably the best products of the San Fernando Valley since Boogie Knights. Well, them and Poquito Mas.

Buy: Flying Lotus-LA EP 3×3 

MP3: Flying Lotus-“Endless White”

Stream: No Age-Losing Feeling EP

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