August 23, 2009

While all bets are off as to whether Damien Marley and Nas’ forthcoming collaboration album will somehow redeem Nas’ career (perhaps by sampling Redemption Song) or finalize his descent into We-are-the-world fuckery, it’s always fun to look back at a time when Hip-Hop/Dancehall collabos were devoid of pretension and as natural as PB&J. Case in point: Shabba and Blastmasta Kris’ The Jam which splits the difference between Ced G horn stabs, Casio MT-40 bass and a strong riddim just waiting to be recycled by some enterprising revivalist. As for Shabba and KRS they do what they do best: talk slack to dem gyals and condescendingly diss sucka emcees just for living. That they do so in a video featuring enough spandex-covered-azz for a whole jazzercise tape is a nice touch.

Youtube version is an alternate mix, the superior original is here in MP3 form for your listening pleasure. And if anyone has the instrumental (or full 12” rip) and can send a link our way via the comments, I’ll be your new friend.

Mp3: Shabba Ranks ft. KRS-ONE – the Jam

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