August 24, 2009


Sach O:

1. Holy shit. Ghostface blacks the living fuck out on this. He doesn’t walk away with the song, he runs. Like his house was on fire.
2. Dilla is posthumously sonning Rza on his own shit. Which is kind of bittersweet in a weird way but whatever.
3. This Raekwon fellow’s album has me *ahem* hyped.
4. If I was Rae and Ghost, I’d be weary of inviting Cappa to the studio, you never know if he’ll rip it or come “meh”.
5. They should let me pre-order this thing. There’s no way I’m gonna make it to the release date and the chances of my spending money on it largely depends on my paying for it before I can acquire a leak.


1. There is clearly an unknown alchemical balance involving albums named Cuban Linx and Ghost name-dropping vaguely obscure R&B singers. Aaron Hall & Ray J are the new Adina Howard on his mind all week. Sidenote: Ray J making a sex tape with Kim Kardashian was easily the best thing that happened since he was born with the last name, Norwood. Otherwise, he’d be doing guest-spots on Koch refuse not the new New Boyz single that’s running the radio out here.

2. If Rae’s promo team had any sense they’d get him on Iron Chef immediately.

3. Taking baths with white women> Taking Baths with Mr. Bubble>Taking Baths with Rubber ducks.

4. One day a decade from now, people will accept my assertion that Starks is the greatest rapper of all-time without snark or derision. Not everyone will agree, but most won’t argue. Those who argue probably listen to “Flowers for Algernod,” or as he is popularly known, Plies.

5. Ghostface has a supplier named “Loose Bruce?” Was Fruity Rudy unavailable?

MP3: Raekwon ft. Cappadonna & Ghostface-“Ten Bricks”

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