September 6, 2009


Never trust a title. This has no chalk lines, gravitational constraints, or arbitrary municipal boundaries. London’s Silkie does dub-step via telescope, expanding the perimeters way out into frigid aether.  Somewhere on the 23 year-old’s debut is a song called “Purple Love”- essentially an amalgam of “that purple,” + atavistic Atari instincts, + that cold-blooded cosmic slop considered dance music circa 2009. Would girls dance to this, I could conceivably contemplate reversing previous proscriptions and upgrade to more expensive drugs. Nate Patrin connects the dots in his Pitchfork review,  but in short, this is ultra-violet sound, caught between visible light and x-rays, both benevolent and baleful, boasting a gorgeous lingering radiance–even if it will never get people down like the other Silk.

Buy: Silkie-City Limits Volume 1

MP3: Silkie-“Purple Love”
MP3: Silkie-“Head Butt Da Deck”

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