September 18, 2009

You can’t trust a rapper who can’t roll a good blunt. You can trust Freddie Gibbs. During the 48 hours prior to his show with Atlanta Grind Time Rap Gang affiliate, Pill, Gibbs rolled the best blunts I’ve seen since the last time I kicked it in New York with Disco Vietnam. Durable Duracell blunts full of that kill: tougher than leather, thicker than a thigh bone, sitcom-length slow-burning blunts. Redman is getting long in the tooth and someone is going to need to teach the youth, “the way.” I nominate the Gary, Indiana native.

The only thing more impressive than Gibb’s (and Pill’s) rolling regimen is their rap ability. If you aren’t familiar with the pair, my Pop and Hiss piece should fill you in on the details. If like Ralph Wiggum you know the score, last night at On the Rox, the pair displayed why they’re the two most viable candidates for 2009 Rookie of the Year and prima facie evidence that gangsta’ rap will never die (despite what this unfortunate subhead that I didn’t write might tell you).

As the above clip displays, the sound system was muddy and their stage show still raw, but there was no mistaking either rapper’s talent, energy or inexorable march towards greatness. In a rap landscape littered with one mixtape wonders, I’m willing to wager that Gibbs and Pill will be two of the few to actually attain longevity. Hearing “Womb 2 the Tomb” and their latest collabo, “Run Up to Me,” had me hectoring their respective management on what they already know–these two need to do an album together (there has been talk of an EP but no concrete plans yet.)

Below the jump, Pill’s epic “Trap Going Ham”video, his 4080 mixtape and the latest video for “Glass,” off the forthcoming “4075: The Refill.” If you haven’t scooped Gibbs’ last two mixtapes, the links are still good. And if you already know, cop his first tape, Live from Gary Indiana Pt. 1. Ideal with a jar of that sunshine, a fifth of Hennessy, and grape Swisher Sweets.

ZIP: Pill-4180: The Prescription (Left-Click)
ZIP: Freddie Gibbs-Live From Gary, Indiana Pt. 1 (Left-Click)