Back before Timbaland abandoned the pursuit of futuristic 33rd Century R&B for tepid Buck Rogers-lite, ray-gun rap (or as normal people refer to it, America’s most popular album two weeks running), he laced Missy protege/possible paramour/self-love advocate Tweet with one of the best beats he never slid towards Aaliyah. Hudson Mohawke–who you might remember from earlier this month–released a white label only remix of “Oops” earlier this year, re-working Timbaland’s twerked funk into a wobbly dubstep behemoth. On the B-Side, he flipped Ashanti’s “Still On It,” thus reclaiming her from past sins inflicted from Ja Rule collabos. Both tracks offer a unique vision for R&B, far removed from the majority of the sub T-Pain rhythm and bullshit that passes for soul these days. And by this, I mean not having to see that topless wastrel Ray J on everything from the New Boyz to the new Warren G jaunt.

MP3: Hudson Mohawke-“Oops”
MP3: Hudson Mohawke-“Still On It”

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