September 29, 2009


For those interested in the burgeoning Bristol Purple scene, Richard Carnes’ Resident Adviser piece provides the most in-depth look at Joker, Guido, and Gemmy yet. I wish that the crew didn’t have names that read straight out of a never-aired “Batman Goes to Italy” episode (60s camp-edition), but I’ll manage. The piece confirms that a Joker full-length is on its way, one which portends to build on the strength of the instant-classic “Digidesign” and “Do It” singles. 

The article also has a quote from Kode 9 that is the best description of Liam McLean’s music that I’ve heard:  “Wiley stuck in an elevator with…Cameo. You hear his whiney pitch-bent synths on a dance floor, it’s like some kind of group electrocution taking place. Those synths sound like a big laser frying everyone’s brains.” If you’re anything like me and looking for a stop-gap until Joker becomes the next UK dance phenomenon that fails to cross-over in the U.S. (a.k.a. The Aphex Twin Memorial Award), you’ll become obsessed with these tracks from the Kapsize EP, his 2007 debut that established his reputation as one of the scene’s leading lights and easily the best Joker since Jack Nick.

MP3: Joker-“The Bop”
MP3: Joker-“Stuck in the System”

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