November 27, 2009

Because if nothing else, my jangled mind is a sucker for “whoa trippy” visuals, garish coats, and a tastefully employed Smashing Pumpkins sample. Consequently, Daedelus delivers in a way his hubristic namesake could only manage to descend. Also, because I have an interview up at Pop and Hiss with the dapper dandy himself, discussing his new Brainfeeder EP, The Boxer Rebellion, and his favorite music of the year. I didn’t ask him where he gets his Edwardian wardrobe, but I imagine that can be saved for another convo. As a minor consolation, there is a Martin Van Buren reference.

Granted, I am biased in favor of the diaspora of displaced Weiss’ (his original name is Weisberg-Roberts, but since switched in favor of the more mellifluous-sounding Darlington). But Daedelus is one of the most underrated producers around and this blog has done a particularly poor job of keeping up with his labyrinthine Lil Wayne-sprawl of a catalogue. In an attempt to ameliorate that shoddiness, here are a few of his finer non-bespoke moments.

MP3: Daedelus ft. MF Doom-“Impending Doom”

MP3: Daedelus-“Fair Weather Friends”
MP3: Daedelus-“Sundown”

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