December 23, 2009


In the most promising development since a woodblock printing revival (and brief epidemic of St. Vitus Dance) swept Germany in the 1440’s, print publications are slowly starting to reemerge from the amoebic stew of the Internet. Well, at least two. One of them is this. You probably have heard about it from your friends that regularly iChat. The other is Poptimist, published by Blink Media, which has also entered the lucrative world of print journalism (as I type this, I recline comfortably in my recliner chair made of skinned seal). The pocket-sized music mag recently published its second issue, which can be found all throughout Los Angeles in shops frequented by those in flannel and fedoras. If you are reading this and rolling your eyes at the bizzaro notion of sunshine on Christmas, you can also read it on the Internet. Here.

If you like Fool’s Gold, Souls of Mischief, and Edan, there are words in said publication that I generated from madlibs. There are also ads for many medical marijuana dispensaries. Clearly, they know their target demo. In related news, Luke Top, the frontman of the aforementioned Fool’s Gold is DJ’ing a party tomorrow night that I would be a shandeh not to mention  (my grandmother taught me that Yiddish word today, which feels appropriate in a post devoted to anachronisms).

As Barry Schwartz articulated in what is possibly the greatest essay ever written dedicated to Christmas Envy, there is never much for the Hebrews to do on Xmas Eve. Thankfully, the fine folk at Heeb Magazine are remedying that by throwing a party at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs “in celebration of a certain nice Jewish boy’s 2009th birthday.” There will be comedians, chinese dinners, and African music–in the desert. This is the most Jewish thing since The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg and at the very least, a fine way for the Tribe to atone for Asher Roth. More info can be found here, or at the delicatessen nearest you.

MP3:Fool’s Gold-“Surprise Hotel”
MP3: Fool’s Gold – “Surprise Hotel (Phaseone Remix)”

MP3: Fool’s Gold – “Nadine (Memory Tapes Remix”)
MP3: Rhoda Bernard -“Cohen Owes Me $97”

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