January 3, 2010


About three years ago, I wrote an On Second Thought for Stylus about The Party Fun Action Committee’s Let’s Get Serious, which elicited the type of response that the album got in the first place. Which is to say, absolutely nothing. For those who don’t know, it was sort of like The Lonely Island but funnier and with more mean-spirited rap satire. It was awesome. Anyhow, Blockhead, one half of the committee, solo artist on Ninja Tune, and Aesop Rock’s main producer, recently started a blog which you should read because he’s a funny dude who brings the comical vitriol on a level only rivaled by the great Dom Passantino.  I recently interviewed him and have spent the last month procrastinating on transcribing the thing, but expect to see it in this space sometime in the next couple weeks. We talk a lot about this album, which conveniently he posted links for on his blog, along with bizarre extras and outtakes that never made the cut. I’m re-posting them here because I know you are all too lazy to click over to read the song-by-song explanations. Not recommended for frat boys, people from Boston, or fans of Paul Barman.

ZIP: Party Fun Action Committee – Let’s Get Serious (Left-Click)
ZIP: Party Fun Action -Random Extra Material (Left-Click)

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