January 15, 2010


I have done much hemming and a little bit of hawing about Damon Reddick in the last 365, so I’ll spare the True Leimert Park stories. Besides, a video of the interview should be dropping soon. In the latest LA Weekly, I take a trip to Dam-Funk’s home studio and receive a tutorial on the Funk, Modern Detroit Soul, and Strawberry Daiquiri wine coolers. Dam’s ascent over the last year has been heartening to watch, especially in light of his delayed start, his talent and passion for music, and his decency and sincerity. Plus, he’s right — someone must keep the funk alive.  Read the article, purchase Toeachizown, scoop up the DF rarities below, and realize that when you have the funk you can do whatever you want to do.

MP3: Dam-Funk  – “The Lone LA Funksta” (Left-Click)

MP3: Dam-Funk – “DX Heaven” (Left-Click)

MP3: Dam-Funk – “Speak the Truth” (Left-Click)
MP3: Dam-Funk – “In Deep Glide Mode” (Left-Click)

MP3: Dam-Funk – “I Don’t Just Do Beats, I Do Music”

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