January 28, 2010


If you’ve ever stumbled into the Low End Theory, you know Nocando. Every Wednesday, the night’s lone rhyming resident incinerates beats that would leave lesser rappers like nudists searching for a spot to store their wallets: exposed and futilely searching for a pocket. The Project Blowed veteran raps over beats that should be un-rappable, freestyling with an obscene velocity and wit expected from a dude who won the 2007 Scribble Jam. Of course, the transition from battle rap champ to legit album artist is notoriously difficult. If you disagree, there are mountains of bargain bin Supernatural CD’s as countervailing evidence.

With production from Nosaj Thing, Daedelus and Nobody and guest spots from Busdriver and Nick Thorburn of Islands,  Jimmy the Lock ranks among the most pure distillations of the Low End Theory aesthetic. Think Acelayone of the Balls Don’t Bounce-era crossed with an early Del, had his main influence been E-40. The story is at LA Weekly. I also discuss the second wave of Low End Theory talent.  If I didn’t have ocular proof, I’d call myself a homer.

If you are still unsold, battle videos below the jump.

MP3: Nocando – “Hurry up and Wait”
MP3: Nocando ft. Busdriver – “Two Track Mind” (Left-Click)