February 5, 2010


Prefuse 73 deserves both props and pity. The former for taking The Gaslamp Killer out on the road with him, the latter for absorbing the psychic carnage of watching Will Bensussen steal the spotlight night in and night out. The self-described “neurotic Scorpio Jew” smashes decks and phonographs in half like Deck, unleashing zomby staggers, more flying manes than a Motley Crue show, and 1,000,000 watt energy. The type of dude who would snap necks at the first Black Eyed Peas request.

The other night, someone asked me who my favorite DJ was. A strange question, considering I usually find most DJ’s more overrated than white basketball players from Duke. GLK was the first name that came to mind. But not because he owns the stage — without taste and talent, histrionics just make you look monkey-like. He’s my pick because he doesn’t give a fuck what the crowd wants to hear, he’s the rare artist in a field crammed with playlists. He’s as likely to throw on the latest obscure dubstep banger as he is, “The Day the Niggaz Took Over.” It’s a Rocky Road Vol. 2. is a raw and uncut mix GLK made in 2007, filled with dirty dusted psychedelia and lots of soul samples you’ll recognize from your favorite rap tunes. No tracklist is available and none is necessary. Take my word on this, or just trust in the hair.

MP3: The Gaslamp Killer – It’s A Rocky Road Vol. 2 (Left-Click)

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