March 11, 2010


Phaseone e-mailed last week to ask me if I knew the cut mixed in at the 28 minute mark of Teebs’ 2 a.m. wine mix. Before I could even respond, he already had the answer. Not bad. I presume it was Teebs’s “Humming Birds,” which made its way onto the St. Louis producer’s latest stellar mix, The Realest Shit I Ever Wrote.  I relate the exchange not to boast (after all, the few e-mails we’ve swapped have revolved around Teebs being the Don — also, who cares?) but because the guy didn’t even apprise me that he was going to drop another heater. I had to read about it on Pitchfork like everyone else. What’s the point of blogging if you can’t cultivate shallow online acquaintances with musicians. I mean, that’s got to be why people continue to write for Coke Machine Glow, right?

Regardless, Andrew Jernigan’s latest mix continues his streak of seamless blends that synthesize a wide array of sounds (Talking Heads, Aphex Twin, Fleetwood Mac, Tricky, Dilla, Curren$y) and bend them to his will. What would be jarring dissonance in the hands of a lesser producer comes off like the free-floating feel of a great after-hours at 3 a.m. that specializes in beat music, foreign beers, and strong stimulants.  The sort of spot that you need a password to enter and expect to meet people from Luxembourg who attempt to sell you an Portugese orphan and four sticks of hash for under $100. The only better deal you’ll get than that is this mix — free. Tracklist below the jump, so no one e-mails me with questions that I don’t have the answers to.

MP3: Phaseone – The Realest Shit I Ever I Wrote


Slowdive: “Miranda”
Curren$y: “I’m Just Dope”
Aphex Twin: “Fingerbib”
Nite Jewel: “Want You Back (Phaseone Remix)”
Lukid: “Hair Of The Dog”
Talking Heads: “Listening Wind”
Tricky: “Bad Dream”
Polanski: “Punked Out”
J Dilla: “Oxtopus Boom Boom”
FaltyDL: “Made Me Feel So Right”
James Pants: “Shower Party”
Fleetwood Mac: “Isn’t It Midnight”
Teebs: “Humming Birds”
Actress vs. Zomby: “AaZz 2”
Phaseone: “Sandra”

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