With roots stretching back from first generation Jungle through Grime, Dubstep and now Future-Garage, it’s safe to say that Montreal Producer/DJ Intoccabile doesn’t need my cosign, not that that’ll stop me. Operating as the head of Fyutchaflex Recordings since 2001, all while playing countless gigs throughout the city, he’s recently moved towards a deep dub-techno approach that keeps dubstep’s heavyweight bass while moving things uptempo. Acting as an appetizer for his forthcoming album, Future Garage Volume 1 neatly packs his music’s appeal into one 26 minute mix. Smoothly blending his recent production into a continuous track, the release is full of dark but danceable dub music that’s high on atmospheric soundscapes and low on dance-music cliches. Shotgun shells become percussion, crystal clear vocals disappear behind walls of static or fade out and heavy bass wobble fights it out with swinging drums. Though it’s terrible music to guido fist pump to, it does lend itself well to late night blunt sessions, physical exercise and “eyes down” dance nights in dark rooms. Special attention to the vocal track coming in at 11 minutes: T-Pain this ain’t.

If you ask me though, the best thing about this mix is how it keeps things dark all without pandering to its audience. For all the talk about “neon” last year, it’s good to know that there are still producers making idiosyncratic music without feeling the need to throw in a huge melody-line for trendiness’ sake. Though certainly inspired by the Garage revival currently going on in England, there’s nothing imitation brand here: you’d need to survive a Montreal winter to make this. Recommended for fans of Burial, Hyperdub and the dark and heavy side of the Four Tet/Pantha albums that have been showcased here.

MP3: Intoccabile – Future Garage Volume 1 (left click)

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