April 14, 2010


Despite his ardor for Baths and claw foot bath tubs, Aaron Frank does not wear Bathing Apes.

Now that we’re several months into the new year, those December resolutions are slipping and I’m again regularly making poor personal decisions. This time it wasn’t answering my ex’s belligerent 3 a.m. phone calls, but rather skipping Baths and Tobacco at the Echoplex a couple weeks ago. Luckily, the former will be holding down a residency spot at the Low End Theory next month, a testament to the Chatsworth native’s rising profile within the local beat scene.

Cerulean, the official Anticon debut full-length from the 21-year-old born Will Wiesenfeld, leaked last week to the sounds of misguided message boarders trying to lump him into the chillwave genre. What’s been overlooked is that Baths’ ambient roots and classical training give him an automatic advantage over artists like Washed Out and Toro y Moi, making him less likely to rely on faded tape flotsam and more on serious composition. Simultaneously, the glossy fidelity of his debut delineates him apart from his blunted robotic-futurist brethren at the Low End. Either way, it’ll be better than spending a nice little Saturday at Bed, Bath & Beyond. — Aaron Frank

MP3:  Baths – “Hall”
MP3: Baths –  “Maximalist”

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