April 24, 2010

Unceremoniously and without warning, Skream shut down his scene-defining Stella Sessions radio show on Rinse FM this week, unleashing the new and improved “Skream & Benga Show” on the world. The results are a laugh out loud riot including shoutouts to Redtube, the (non) promotion of sex and violence, accusations of philandering and Skream claiming he “shags the mixer”. All of this before the live on-air snitching on Benga by the audience. Oh, and if you’re in it for the music, there’s enough exclusives to melt your mind with a mix of dubstep, garage, jungle, techno and even a cheesy oldschool style rave track by Skream (whose album is now dropping in June) at the end. Perfect for pre-partying, partial tracklist after the jump.

MP3: The Skream & Benga Show debut edition (via RinseFM)


Bonobo – Eyesdown (Floating Points)
Skream – (Currently Untitled)
Skream – Fatty Drummer
Benga? – ???
TC & Jakes – ???
Benga – Crazy Swagger?
Matt-U – Eraser Head
Gorillaz – Super Fast Jelly Fish (Unicorn Kid Remix)
Skream – Ooof
Benga – Question & Answer
Benga Feat. Youngman – Ho
Benga – Mini Motto
P Money – Left The Room (Skream Remix?)
DJ Zinc Feat. No.Lay – Killa Sound (Skream Remix)
Skream – Frogger
Benga? – ???
Benga – ???
??? – ???
LD – ???
Redlight Feat. Roses Gabor – Stupid
Skream – Amity Step
Benga – Smack Your Bitch Up
TC & Jakes – Real Talk
??? – ???
Lady Chann – Sticky Situation
Skream – CTO (Croydon Take Over)
Skream – Stand Up
Benga – Another Snatch
Kutz – Freak VIP
Skream – Raw Dogz
Heist – I Need Killers
Ms Dynamite – ??? (Skream Remix) *?
??? – ???
Benga – New Race Track (Potential Phase 2)
Skream feat. Yasmine Sam – How Real (Forthcoming on Outside The Box)
Skream – Rolling Kicks
Zomby – Float (Skream’s I Was In Primary School, Where Were You In ’92)
Benga – Ray Keith?
Breakage Feat. Erin – Justified (Out on Breakages Foundation album)
Skream Feat. Newham Generals – I Cant Wait No More
Skream – Listening To The Records On My Wall (Forthcoming on Outside The Box)
Benga – Electronic Mayhem
Benga – Man On A Mission (Feat. Katy B on vocals)
Benga – ???
Benga – ???
Estelle – I Can Be A Freak (Unknown Artist Remix)
Skream – Wonk
Truth – Fatman VIP
Plastician? – ???
Skream – Hardcore Score
??? – ???
Benga – Transformers
Skream – (Something Regarding Summer)

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