April 26, 2010

If I was blessed with unlimited financial and temporal resources, I’d devote a few thousand words to dissecting Caribou’s phenomenal Swim, released last week on Merge. Alas, I don’t and can’t squander a day straining for esoteric adjectives to describe guitar tones. Besides, I suspect it’s a lot more interesting to read this fascinating Pitchfork interview with Dan Snaith, where he discusses his sonic evolution, friendship with Four Tet, and creative process. The former mathematics PhD also dropped a scorching mix a few weeks back for British website Allez Allez, including everything from remixes of his own songs, to Billy Stewart, and Thomas Mapfumo. You want this, along with “Selfish Boy,” a track from his tour-only CD. Presumably, it’s a diss song aimed at Handsome Dick Manitoba, the rogue who made him switch pseudonyms.

Allez Allez Mix tracklist below the jump.

MP3: Caribou – “Odessa” 
MP3: Caribou – “Selfish Boy”

MP3: Caribou – “Allez Allez Mix”


caribou – sun (sunapella)
phill & friends band – this man
alog – every word was once an animal (daphni mix)
caribou – odessa (david wrench’s drumapella)
moodymann – dem young sconies
caribou – odessa (clubb mixx)
sofrito specials featuring l barrabas – tabou for the people (sofrito edit)
jackey beavers – mr. bump man (give me a hand) part 2 (theo parrish edit)
crash course in science – flying turns
unknown – egyptian wedding (luxor)
daphni – ahora
dj sprinkles – grand central, pt. i (deep into the bowel of house) (mcde bassline dub)
mr. fingers – slam dance
caribou – bowls (harpapella)
a number of names – sharevari
steve poindexter – short circuit (c64 bypass mix) (noleian reusse remix)
caribou – sun (jeremy’s mix)
thomas mapfumo – shumba (daphni edit)
patten – version (test mixxx)
pazy and the black hippies – wa ho ha
billy stewart – cross my heart

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