A belated but well worth it visual for what we declared was the 30th best rap song of 2009. What I said then: “A weary, spiritual affirmation of life in the face of sorrow, “Wonderful Life,” works in binary. In his trademark nasal twang, Tre invokes the pain of his friend whose father passed away and the joy he receives from seeing his own image passed down to his son. Like any great writer, Tre is a great observer and “Wonderful Life” reads like revelations divined by a curb side prophet. You can almost see him clutching a brown paper bag, drinking away the pain, dropping extemporaneous aphorisms one after the other. “You wanna’ climb from the bottom, you got to see the steps.” Sean Falyon is an ideal partner for the liquor run, invoking shoot-outs to cook-outs, nostalgic for the days when the most dire consequences were his mother’s belt. This has been called comfort-food rap, but there is nothing comforting about it. This song is about looking up at the sun when everything around you is dirt, and finding a solace in the unknowable, redemption from minor miracles.”

The track comes from Falyon’s new and quite good mixtape  — Sean Falyon Be Everywhere. Truthfully, I haven’t listened to it enough times to write a review that does it justice — but that’s less a slight at the content and more a reflection of my own diffuse listening habits. I’m not sure if Falyon actually is everywhere — I was at SXSW and I never saw him or his impressive beard. However, his music provided the ideal ride music on a recent sunny Sunday, one of those days when traffic is thin and the breeze is just right, and you really don’t need much more.

MP3: Sean Falyon ft. Playboy Tre & Scar – “Wonderful Life”
ZIP: Sean Falyon – Sean Falyon Be Everywhere

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