May 8, 2010


Pollyn plays tonight at Spaceland. They go on at 11:30 p.m.  There are eight of them in homage to Dick Van Patten. 

These days, Pollyn may be more hip-hop than B.O.B. Granted, they play guitars and keyboards and there is no rapping involved, but they just recently enlisted Sid Roams, the go-to beatmaker for Prodigy and Evidence for remix duty. Last time, anyone heard from Bobby Ray, he was sipping Horchata in a khaffiyeh with Ezra Koenig, while attempting to make Hayley Williams his paramour. I’ve been a Pollyn fan for a while, but their taste and versatility continually impresses me. Roams turns “Still Love” into an fog of creepy synthesizers, bludgeoning drums, and eerie atmospherics. While their recent cover of “Tom’s Diner,” transcends the ostensibly bad idea of covering “Tom’s Diner.” As long as they don’t collaborate with Rivers Cuomo, I suspect they’ll be more than fine.

Get Pollyn – “Tom’s Diner” at LA Weekly

MP3: Pollyn – “Still Love (Sid Roams Remix)” (Left-Click)

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