May 11, 2010


All apologies for the inactivity from me [Jeff] around these parts. I needed a day or two to let my liver regenerate after a whiskey and weed-wracked Saturday night. I also have been working on a feature for the Times about the sad saga surrounding the Low End Theory-affiliated DJ and artist Kutmah. The details are at Pop & Hiss, but in brief, British-born Kutmah was picked up last Wednesday by officials from the Department of Homeland Security due to his refusal to obey an outstanding order of deportation. He’s currently in a holding facility in New Mexico awaiting deportation unless prosecutors agree to re-open his case or a senator intervenes. Granted, moving to England sounds ideal, but in Kutmah’s defense, his mother moved him here at the age of 12 and he’s built a life in Los Angeles over the last 22 years. Anyone familiar with the beat community knows the impact he’s had and the stellar quality of his mixes, a few of which I’m posting below. Needless to say, anyone who flips the theme to Curb Your Enthusiasm in a mix full of grimy beats gets my unequivocal support.

For those looking to help, donations to help defray legal costs and an online petition to keep Kutmah can be found at

Download: (via Dublab)

MP3: Low End Theory Podcast Episode XI – Gaslamp Killer & Kutmah
MP3:  Kutmah – “Sketchbook (6/25/09)”

MP3:  Kutmah – “Sketchbook (3/24/09)”
MP3: Kutmah – “The Sound of LA Megamix”

MP3: Kutmah – “Daedelus: ‘Love to Make Music To Record Release Megamix'” 

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