Formed via jam sessions at LA’s HVW8 Gallery, Master Blazter have been previously known as Dam-Funk’s backing band. I suspect that will soon change considering Damon Riddick’s marathon touring schedule and his repeatedly expressed desire to bring it live in 2010. Though it’s clear that the funkiest man since the Funk Docta Spock is the star, don’t sleep on scene vets Computer Jay or J1, who may possess the names of robots from a George Clinton Star Wars adaptation, but play with the soul and style you’d expect from this picture (if you can pull off argyle, you can pull off anything). Mixed by Kutmah, Blazt Off operates as a ideal introduction to the masters of modern funk.  No disrespect to the Funky Child.

Tracklist and a Master Blazter video below the jump. In related HVW8 news, the gallery hosts an exhibition opening for Brainfeeder affiliate Charles Munka on Saturday night — should you be interested in the combination of beats, blunts, and brie, it features DJ sets from Samiyam, Ras G, and Dibia$e. Through a combination of bribes and theft, I was able to procure Dibia$e’s latest contribution to All City’s LA 10″ series. Every MP3 has its price and this is free.

MP3: Master Blazter – “Blazt Off” (Mixed by Kutmah)

MP3: Dibia$e – “WTF”  (Left-Click)


1. Water – J1
2. Funktronic – Computer Jay
3. Feel in The Blank – J1
4. Just Wanna Ride – D-F
5. Rescue – J1
6. Show Me The Way – D-F
7. She Lights Me Up – D-F
8. Slang Talk – J1
9. 44th Chamber – J1
10. I Dont Just Do Beats..I Do music – D-F
11. Thunder Horns – Computer Jay
12. I was Wrong..I Take It Back – Computer Jay
13. Maintain – Computer Jay
14. Visa Stamp – Computer Jay
15. Whip – Computer Jay
16. Sunny – J1
17. Bearclaw – Computer Jay
18. Phantom – Computer Jay

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