We post a lot of mixes these days. Maybe you enjoy them, maybe you don’t. I can’t really tell. I’m not about to take a focus group survey — yes, there are blogs that do those things. But that’s less hip-hop than soy milk and yoga — then again, there is a night in Los Angeles called Hipsters Who Love Hip-Hop, so maybe we’re all fucked. Either way, I know that you are reading and I know that you are downloading. There is a Sitemeter and it is a veritable panopticon. Stop rolling your eyes. I also know that pretty much anything Take does is worth downloading. Brainfeeder recently re-posted this mix that Sweatson Klank did last year and it’s lights out. There are the usual suspects (Flying Lotus, Teebs, Starkey, Take himself), there are a bunch of obscure artists I’ve never heard of, and there is a song called “Fill Me Jesus.” It’s either a Billy Graham tribute or else it concerns a fetish that I have no interest in knowing more about.

Tracklist below the jump.

MP3: Take — The Brain Stays Fed


Whole Earth Rainbow Band- My Lady
Floating Points- KGBeat
Martyn – Feel Me
Kalbata feat. Clapper Preist- Solution
Paul White- Hustle (Bullion rmx)
2tall- Ritual
Mr. Beatnick- Fill me Jesus
Wally- Nolan
Jack Wilkins- Red Clay
Mort Garson- 3500
Horace Silver- Open up your Senses
Ramp Recordings – Maintain (Mike Slott Reewerk)
2tall- Ether
Profisee x Eprom – What it seems
Griffi – Obsceno
Jack Dejohnette – Picture 4 (SWEATSON KLANK MIX)
Solar Plexus- Lace
Giorgio Gardini – Plagal
Jan Hammer- Earth
Flying Lotus- Galactagon
Starkey- Miracles (Jamie Vex’d Rmx)
Flying Lotus – Riot ( TAKE aka SWEATSON KLANK Rmx )
Architeq- Oddessy
Fulgeance – Sour Soca ( SWEATSON KLANK Snake Charmer mix)
Paul White- Alien Nature
Little Dragon- After (Floating Points Rmx)
Teebs -My Whole Life
Eddie Kendricks – Intimate Friends
TAKE aka SWEATSON KLANK – Soul Particles

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