My much postponed (through no fault of my own) feature on Madlib drops within a month, featuring revelations of Masonic Lodges, Mexican Bakeries, and Madvillain updates. When I spoke to the greatest Otis since Nixon (and maybe Redding) several months ago, he told me that Madvillain was almost complete. I’m not sure I believe him. It’s not because he’s a liar — he struck me as one of the more honest artists around. But rather, because I suspect he gets a kick out of fucking with journalists. If I was in his shoes, I’d do the same thing. In the interim, we have “Papermill,” a track done for Adult Swim’s Singles Program, which I recently discovered is not a dating service for people who share a mutual affection for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Then again, I suppose 420Dating.Com fills the same void. On “Papermill,” Madlib chops a fat slab of Latin-soul disco, for Doom to spit non-sequiturs that somehow make a deranged sense. It’s a suitable appetizer, lasting only two minutes or so, just enough to intrigue you before they vanish into smoke. –Weiss

Download: (Via GVB)
MP3: Madvillain – “Paper Mill”

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