10. Big Boi’s father’ s name was Chico Dusty, which means that there is a 64 percent chance that he is related to Razor Ramon.  Upon closer analysis, this is an obvious revelation based on Chico Dusty Jr.’s decision to reference Sgt. Slaughter in verse. There is also the alternate possibility that Sir Lucious Leadfoot’s absence for the last four years is largely attributable to a desire for indolence, weed brownies, and old SNL re-runs featuring Billy Crystal.

9. He is chagrined by the decline in model car racing and is determined to revive the hobbies of his boy hood. Unfortunately, the scenes of him kite flying were cut by a wary Def Jam. It is very difficult to create a dance craze about kite flying.

8. Big Boi’s decision to frequently don tuxedos in music videos stems from a desire to pay homage to Billy Zane’s character in Titanic. 

7. The bike helmets in this video reflect a life-long love of safety. Part of this video was subsidized by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia.

6. Because Lebron is summarily incapable of making it to an NBA Finals, he wanted to ensure that puppets receive attention beyond the month of May. He is also a big fan of Franklin.

5. The red plastic cups reveal a love of flip cup. On slow Saturday nights, Big Boi is known to crash fraternity parties and take on all comers. He remains undefeated.

4. He refuses to carry a wallet and instead keeps his business cards inside his head — which (in tribute to King Missile) is detachable.

3. The decision to go partially headless for the video reveals a deep appreciation for the works of Washington Irving, and the Sleepy Hollow film adaptation starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci.

2. This is Scott Storch’s best beat since “Two Weeks Still D.R.E.” This has nothing to do with Big Boi, but merely the corresponding relationship between hunger and producing great music. Something tells me if the yacht, Storchavelli was still extant, we would be getting limp iterations of “Lean Back.”

1. “Confetti. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.” — Rip Torn

MP3: Big Boi – “Shutterbug” 

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