With each passing month, the Low End Theory podcast covers grow darker and weirder. Barring a collage of Josef Mengele’s greatest hits, it will be tough to imagine how they’re going to top the latest episode — a Columbine still of a rampaging Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold that seemingly matches the sinister beat music provided by Gaslamp Killer and Lorn. The music is so bleak that one of the lighter moments arrives at the 16 minute mark, when Gaslamp transitions into Serge Gainsbourg’s “Ballade de Melody Nelson,” an ode to hitting an underage girl with your Rolls Royce and then proceeding to seduce her. Lorn opens with a few bars from the late Big L before immolating the Harlem rapper in a conflagration of laser bass and bludgeoning drums. Fun for the whole family.

In other beat news, Teebs has also contributed a new podcast for XLR8R, featuring his own music, Dungen, a Flying Lotus tribute to Kutmah, and Boards of Canada remixes.

MP3: Low End Theory Podcast Episode XV — Gaslamp Killer & Lorn 
MP3: Teebs – XLR8R Podcast (Left-Click)

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